Waalaxy - Prospect on LinkedIn + Email.

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Generate new qualified leads on LinkedIn + Email and save more than 70% of your prospecting time.
🚀 Do you want to automate your prospecting on LinkedIn + Cold Email ? Automatic mailing campaigns, invitation requests, bulk-messaging, LinkedIn profiles export. The best automation tool for B2B lead Generation.

⭐ Introduction:

Waalaxy's promise is simple:  Contact your target automatically on LinkedIn and by Email. You don't need a database. You don't need any technical skills. ✨

Waalaxy puts the power of LinkedIn Lead Generation at your fingertips. Reach out to prospects automatically from within the tool. Get started in under 20 minutes. Try for free Now. No Credit Card Required. 👽 

Safe and easy to use, all you need to do is select your action, launch the extension, and watch your business grow!

⭐ Features:

▶️ Create and launch multichannel campaigns to generate leads from LinkedIn and via Emails
▶️ Email Finder : Waalaxy detects your prospect's info.

▶️ Automate efficient sequences of actions on your prospects

▶️ Track in real time how and when your automated actions are executed

▶️ Import and manage your prospects in a CRM database

▶️ Auto-enrich your data and get the most consistent information from your prospects

▶️ Use custom webhooks like Zapier or Integromat to link your campaigns to the workflow you want

▶️ Create your own custom message and email templates

▶️ Create different campaigns depending on your targets

▶️ Export your data to CSV file	

▶️ Compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Premium accounts

⭐ How it works:

✅ Campaign sequences: this feature works as an advanced marketing automation tool where you can define an entire sequence through which your prospects will go. You can choose different actions such as send an email, or LinkedIn invite/visit/follow/message, delay between actions, and conditions on message such as "message viewed / not viewed" or "has / has not replied"

✅ Build your own CRM: import your prospects directly from LinkedIn, organize them into lists and keep a hand on the information you want. We provide you with a historic of all interactions with your prospects on the CRM and allow you to synchronize it with your CRM. It is also possible to directly download theses data in a CSV file.

✅ Enrich your data: get more data from your prospects, go further than what you can find on LinkedIn and add relevant data to your CRM

✅ Webhook workflow integration: send data automatically from your campaign to Zapier or Integromat, and include Waalaxy in any workflow of your choice!

✅ Prospects triggers: import profiles in your CRM based on events like 'has visited my LinkedIn profile' or 'is new in my LinkedIn saved search'

✅ Bulk Mail: you can send mails in your campaigns, using variables, text formatting and more! Link as many email accounts as you want

✅ Bulk Invite: you can create personalized note using [firstname] and [lastname] variables, save them to use them later, and send bulk invites to the prospects from your selected campaigns

✅ Auto Visit LinkedIn Profiles: select profiles you want to visit in your campaign, Waalaxy will then visit profiles one by one. The psychology of human curiosity will prompt them to see yours in return.

✅ Auto Follow LinkedIn Profiles: this works as the Auto Visit feature, but it's even more powerful as every user will see that you personally followed them, and they might add you to their network in return, helping promoting your profile.

✅ Send Personalized Bulk Messages: as in the Bulk invite feature, you can create personalized messages using [firstname] and [lastname] variables, save them as templates to use them later, and automatically send your message to the prospects of your selected campaigns. We will make sure that you don’t send too many messages by fixing daily limits, if you reach the limit, the remaining messages will be queued and sent the day after.

✅ Content template: you can create your own custom message and email templates that you can save and reuse in your campaigns whenever you want

✅ Create different campaigns: with Waalaxy you can create different campaigns to classify your prospects in different categories and target specific type of people depending on your goals.

✅ Safe to use: Waalaxy simulates human behaviour by including delays between actions and by setting daily limits with the number of messages and invites sent to make sure that it stays safe to use.

✅ Waalaxy is compatible with all LinkedIn accounts, whether you use LinkedIn Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite accounts.

Waalaxy is super easy to use. It's the perfect tool for prospecting on LinkedIn and by email. No technical know-how needed. Get started in under 20 minutes. Try for free Now. No Credit Card Required. 👽